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Want to Learn More About Aquaponics?

Aquaponics Set-Up 2We have been running an aquaponics set up for 6 months now with some very good results. Because this store is connected to Old Orchard Aquarium, we designed our aquaponic system for the fish’s health and vitality. Our 75 gallon fish tank uses a sump system to provide continuous filtration and water flow for the fish; we then use a separate pump,operated on a timer, to push nutrient rich, particulate free water up to flood troughs where the plants grow. The return water from the flood troughs is filtered again before returning to the fish tank sump. Our system allows the flexibility to turn on or off the fish tank flow or the plant watering side. We can grow plants requiring very wet or dry conditions or anything in between, without sacrificing the fish’s water quality.

Many aquaponic operators will keep tilapia, an African cichlid fish that is often bred as food, because we don’t propose to eat our fish (especially because we sell tropical fish as pets) this store is keeping simple comet goldfish in our system. Goldfish are relatively easy to keep, live well with each other, make a lot of waste (plant nutrient) and are always happy to see you.

Aquaponics Set-Up 1What I like about aquaponics is that once set up and properly cycled, it is quite easy to operate. You feed the fish, the fish feed the plants, light makes the plants grow, the plants remove waste from the fish water, you harvest the delicious cucumbers.

I could tell you more, but I’ve got to go,