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Cloning Machines

Today’s topic is about our TurboKlone machine, as usual I’m talking about it because I’m doing a routine water change (w/c).

A cloning machine has a great success ratio of sprouting new roots from cuttings you’ve taken from a plant whose characteristics you like, for example a tomato plant that produces large, flavorful fruit, or maybe a hibiscus that blooms very large flowers. It must be noted that if the plant from which you are taking the cutting has gender, then all of its clones will be of the same gender.

TurboKloneCloning machines work by holding your precious little cuttings over a mild nutrient solution and gently spraying water at their stalks. This coaxes some roots to form to keep her alive. When enough roots have formed it is time to transplant her to a more permanent media.

In our store, we have been using a 48 site machine made by TurboKlone. What sets this machine apart is the built in fan, which both cools down the water/nutrient in its reservoir, and adds fresh air to the rooting chamber.. These little baby clones don’t like to overheat. While we’ve never had all the sites occupied it’s nice to be able to take a cutting and have some room in the machine to make a new clone at any time. What keeps the cuttings in place are round, polyethylene collars, which are pre-slit to hold the small stalks.Some growers prefer neoprene collars which will also fit the sites.

I’ve just finished bleaching our collars to remove algae that can grow on them, other folks might just buy new collars instead, they hold up real well but what’s your time worth?

We have also sold quite a few Daisy Cloners made by Botanicare. The machine we sell has 8 sites, it’s easy to use and clean and the good folks at Botanicare and at TurboKlone have always been very responsive to our questions and needs.

Well, I’m finished with my w/c-

Talk to you later,